Low cost ebook reader undercuts Sony, Kindle

The eSlick ebook reader is set to debut in the US in February at US$259 (US$229 introductory), costing a third less than Sony’s latest reader.

It shares the light weight, paperback size and E-Ink display of its more expensive competitors along with the long battery life, claimed to be 8000 page turns on a single charge.

The eSlick comes from Foxit Software, a specialist in software for Adobe’s PDF eSlick ebook reader from Foxit Softwareformat. This probably explains the narrow range of formats supported by the eSlick — essentially just text and PDF, none of the specialist ebook formats.

But Foxit has provided the reader with PDF creation software that it claims will convert any printable document “in one click” to reflowable PDF ebooks in a minute or so. Formats include DOC, HTML, XLS, TXT and PPT. This opens up the reader to newspapers, magazines and web pages as well as ebooks. Text can be zoomed from 50-400 per cent and the reflowable feature means that text can be set to automatically reflow to fit the size of screen.  

eSlick reader with its slim 9.2mm profile

eSlick reader with its slim 9.2mm profile weighs in at 180g. Dimensions are 188 x 118 x 9.2mm.

There’s no wireless or mobile connectivity so files are transferred from a PC via a USB. This might not be a problem for book readers but might become a chore if you like to stock up your reading device with fresh news content on a regular basis. 

The unit comes with 128MB of internal memory and takes SD memory cards (a 2GB card is included). The eSlick also doubles as an MP3 player. 

Foxit plans to sell its reader from its website initially with retail distribution planned shortly.

Read more at PC World.

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  1. Ebook Reader Fan

    Thanks for the info. Amazon has had a lot of success with its Kindle but it’s good to see some competition to maybe bring down prices which are still very high

  2. harris

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