iRex 1000S ebook reader sports big 26 cm E-Ink touch display and even bigger US$750 price tag

The latest reader from iRex, on sale in the US from 2 January 2009, takes the biggest-is-best route and features an almost-A4 size display with touchscreen functionality.

As you can see from the Kindle comparison, it offers plenty of space and still weighs in at a modest 550 grams. At this price, you can get a well-spec’d budget notebook computer so it’s fair to say that this isn’t aimed at the consumer market and would be more likely to find a home in a corporate niche such as technical documentation.

But would you buy one of these if this rumour turned out to be true? TechCrunch reports well-backed rumours that Apple is lining up a large screen version of its iPod Touch for a late 2009 release. With a 7- or 9-inch screen, access to the iTunes store/iPhone apps and Apple’s legendary ease of use and consumer-friendly design, this is more likely to have the eBookers drooling. Probably closer in price to the iRex 1000S but who’d choose the latter when this is the competition?

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