Kobo introduces ebook reader ahead of ANZ launch

Kobo Books, which launches its ebook store in Australia and New Zealand in aKobo eBook Reader couple of months, has just announced its own ebook reader.

The Kobo eReader is a nice-looking but bare-bones device (no wireless or mobile web connection, touch screen, colour or other fancy bits). At US$149, the Kobo eReader is pretty well priced, coming in US$110 cheaper than the Kindle and US$350 cheaper than the basic Apple iPad. No price or availability yet from the Red Group, Kobo’s partner in this part of the world.

I think Kobo has probably got it right with the trade-off of price vs features. This isn’t going to outshine an iPad or even a wireless Kindle but it provides a good option for hard-core book readers who are just looking for a cheap way into this ebook thing.

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  1. Les Wills

    Can you please tell me when the KOBO E Reader will be available in New Zealand and from where ?
    Its currently 13th April.
    Les Wills

  2. Martin Taylor (Post author)

    Hi Les
    No official word yet from Kobo’s partner in this part of the world, Red Group. They’ll have the reader, not sure of when or price yet.

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