2010 starts with a slew of new devices for eReading

This is my first post of 2010, just back from three weeks away at the beach and proving again that sunshine and sand are no barrier to enjoying a great ebook or three.

The big event while I was absent was the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week and it delivered on its promise that eReaders and tablet devices would be the buzz at this year’s CES.

This New York Times story covers the deluge of devices announced for reading a surfing.

And this round-up story from E-Paper Central covers the main e-paper based ebook reader announcements well.

For the most part, it will be a few months before we’ll see availability of the new devices, and perhaps longer in international markets, especially if these devices take off with consumers and product shortages slow the international roll-outs. But it’s clear that consumers wanting to read ebooks are going to have plenty of choice.

But a couple of the big announcements happened outside of CES. Google got into the Android smartphone business with the launch of its Nexus One. And the already-overheated rumour mill about Apple’s forthcoming tablet device has gone into top gear with a plethora of stories appearing now that are picking a late January announcement and March ship date for what’s being billed as the iTablet or iSlate. The amount of coverage and detail now emerging makes this look increasingly likely. Another game-changing battle emerging, anyone?

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