Prototype Asus dual-touchscreen computer could double as ebook reader

This prototype computer from Asus was shown at the CeBIT IT&T show earlier this month. Asus is looking for feedback on the device and hasn’t yet committed to production of it.

The dual touchscreen allows one side to be used as a keyboard in  a conventional computer configuration, or the computer can be flipped on its side with an expansive double page spread and colour to liven up your book, magazine or multimedia display.

What do you think? Your next ebook reader?

Thanks to PC World NZ for this one.

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  1. Keith Mockett

    Brilliant. Dual purpose is a great hook. And as people get more used to touch screen phones, ipods etc then they will find this more acceptable. I want one.

  2. Martin Taylor (Post author)

    Yes, I felt the same way when I saw it:-) I want one too. This was one of the nice features of the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) XO PC that came out a year or so ago.

  3. Curtis Owings

    The idea is sound, but I’d bet that sucker weighs a ton and could double as a George Foreman grill. But now that I see it, it seems a “no brainer” that laptops will move to this convention.

  4. Paul Vitiç

    I was imagining one and made a search to see if there is any in the market and voila, Asus has made a prototype. I think it is a great idea. The one that I was thinking about has a form factor not larger than a netbook. Not too many processing power and storage size is necessary. Wireless, camera, decent sound and a couple of usb should be enough. Can be used for browsing(link opens a new page on the screen across and navigate browser pages like pages of a book), note taking as well as reading a book and can be a netbook when you use the touchscreen keypad. Two pages can merge into one for a view screen view when not using keyboard. Bye bye mouse!

  5. Dre

    I think it should be netbook size. Not too big a hard drive. (Just enough for some work files) Wifi, cam, 3 usb ports. But heavy processor and 4+ GB ram. (for usig software like photoshop) And being able to use bottom screen as drawing tablet. I’d pay double the price of a normal laptop.

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