Apple adds ebooks to its iPhone store

A few ebooks are starting to appear in Apple’s iPhone App Store. They crept in quietly a few days ago when there were about 170 of them, mostly public domain books selling for about US$0.99.

It’s probably an acknowledgement by Apple that, notwithstanding CEO Steve Jobs’s scepticism, they need to keep an eye on this emerging market. The early appearance of ebook reader software, such as Stanza, on the iPhone’s top application downloads list, has probably pushed the category onto the radar for Apple and its successful iTunes store. iTunes has grabbed the lion’s share of the market for legitimate paid downloads of music and ebooks would be a logical extension if the market gets big enough.

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  1. Dan B

    Bet on it! ebooks and iTunes were made for eachother. Look for more book reader apps in the App Store. A 32 gig iPhone could hold many ebooks.

  2. Alexandre

    Hi from Brazil! I wrote a book in portuguese and legal issue with programming, i would like to put the book for free on apple store. Where do i get information for this procedure?
    Tks for any idea!

  3. Martin Taylor (Post author)

    Hi Alexandre. gives you a cheap (ie free) and easy way to get your book turned into an ebook that can be accessed from the iPod. You can upload your manuscript to Smashwords (check their Style Guide first to get the best results), it’s automatically turned into an ebook in several popular formats. Your book will then be accessible from the Smashwords catalogue which is available from within Stanza, the leading iPod ebook reader. Very simple and effective. Smashwords splits revenue with you – they keep 15%, you get the rest.

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