The trend that will finally deliver on the ebook hype

This post from Tim O’Reilly zeroes in on the big trend that’s about to turn ebook hype (and quite a few other digital opportunities)  into reality. Those of us who’ve been wired for a long time will remember the impact that always-on, high-speed broadband had on the way we used the internet and how much we use it.

The move to always-on, high-speed mobile – especially the type that comes with sophisticated computing power, typified by Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android platform and, of course, specialist devices like the Amazon Kindle – will drive the next big wave.

Last but not least, let’s not forget the other great feature of mobile. Users are used to paying for everything. After the first decade, based around the PC and web where everything except your ISP charge is supposed to be free, this will be a nice change and perhaps the most important change of all in getting books – not typically an advertiser-friendly mediam –  into the digital realm.

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