Dymocks’ new ebook reader hardware reviewed

Aussie PC mag PC Authority has just published this review of the Iliad iRex ebook reader, the same one that Dymocks will be selling through some of its stores.

In summary, PC Authority was impressed with the device’s screen, its portability and general ease of operation inIliad iRex ebook reader book-reading mode. But it was less impressed with its usability in other areas such as downloading and copying files and connecting to the internet. This will probably be a fairly typical reaction from the tech community which expects digital gadgets to do a lot more than simply display and turn black and white pages. It’s quite likely that many consumers will take the same view, especially with the high price tag of these early models – A$780 in the case of the Iliad.

The Iliad iRex comes out of a spin-off from Dutch Electronics giant Philips. It’s also the company that developed the eInk screen technology that is being adopted by most new dedicated ebook readers.

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