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eReport is written by Martin Taylor who has been involved in the publishing, technology and internet fields for more than 20 years. You can hire Martin to help with your publishing project.

Activity Press is his publishing imprint. Its non-fiction list spans business, technology and social history. (Please note that submissions are closed.)

Martin is principal of digital publishing consultancy Digital Strategies and founded the Digital Publishing Forum, an industry initiative to give publishers and authors a headstart in the emerging digital publishing market. His experience spans books, magazines and internet publishing and he’s been a long-time technology publisher and commentator.

He is a frequent speaker and trainer at publishing industry events and is the online course developer for Digital Publishing 101 which provides online digital publishing and digital marketing training for publishing professionals.

You can follow Martin on Twitter @nztaylor (twitter.com/nztaylor).

For Martin’s online courses in digital publishing and digital marketing for ebooks, visit DigitalPublishing101.com.

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